painting the exterior of a house

THIS is a great example of painting the exterior of a house.

Finding the Best House Painter in Asheville

We are about to embark on a journey to find the best house painter and house stainer in Asheville North Carolina.

I have had many folks working for me, when I built my new home. Some are good - some were bad! Some were very bad!

It is amazing how many people want work (supposedly) but they will do not want to drive more than five minutes away from their home.

Other folks are willing to drive up to an hour to get the same work.

Isn't it amazing?

We had one person that was only 15 to 20 minutes away from us but he said it was too far to go!

This is all during the great recession of 2008, which I believe is still going on.

The building industry had all but plummeted into a pit and there was no building going on at all but people would rather sit at home and collect their unemployment checks then do an honest days work!

We went through several contractors who did exterior staining. We also went through several contractors who did interior painting as well is chinking on this log house.

We ultimately found that the best person to do chinking was someone with no experience at all! The best person was a painter!

He had worked with a paintbrush all of his life and had an inspired thought to use a paintbrush dipped in water, to smooth out the chinking.

Great idea! This was better than using a spatula to smooth out the chinking, which is the norm in the industry.

The paintbrush changes width easily, to conform to the varying thickness between the logs because these are natural hand stripped logs and had varying degrees of thickness.

It seems very hard to find someone that will do an honest FULL days work without going home because of a tummy ache or because her wife called and wanted them home. I understand that there are extreme circumstances were that is necessary and there are emergencies in life, but stopping a painter from doing his job we did bring in the income for the family, is not a good idea at all - especially in hard times.

So therein lies a precursor to what I am talking about; finding the best house painter in Asheville!

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